Update Mon 1/2/2017

Happy New Year  everyone and a special thank you to all of you who have given to support this work and God bless you 10-100-1000 fold in Jesus Christ name.

2016 was an amazing year which has saw many changes in my own life to include a wife, a baby on the Way and a missionary outpost on the island of Bali

Today I will celebrate and have hindus, christians and muslims all together with me breaking bread and fellowshipping and that is how we win people for Jesus by loving one another.

God willing we will be back on the Air on Thu 1/5/2017

By God’s grace we will soon hit our 4,000th show and next June will make 7 years on the air.  There is much I would like to do which is to flood the airwaves with full gospel teaching and preaching and continue to bring together speakers from around the world to teach on spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry.

In addition if God be behind the idea I want to to begin to launch deliverance conferences around the world where people can come out and listen to some great speakers, get delivered, help to deliver others and fellowship with one another in Jesus Christ Name.

Some cities I am thinking about are: Atlanta, NYC, Las Vegas. Los Angeles, Jacksonville and Texas for starters and then begin to hold conferences in Europe and England and Australia and wherever God leads and provides the funds for.  All these conferences will be free just as omega man radio is free to anyone who would like to tune in.

God also is laying on my heart a book and I am going to write and publish it and make it available for free.

In order to continue this work I need people to partner with me who share this vision to invade the Hosts of Hell with Jesus Christ deliverance ministry and I am looking for 400 People to pledge $50/mo which would build a War Chest that will give us the ability to go into new places with the radio show and pay for the Free Deliverance Conferences worldwide.

If you would like to come on board as a regular supporter for $50 or $100 or any amount click here to donate via paypal and check the RECURRING PAYMENT box which will set you up for an automatic monthly donation or choose one of the other funding options below by clicking on a button.

God bless you and your family in Jesus Christ Name and thank you for fighting the hosts of hell alongside of me here on Omega Man Radio


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