A Divine Appointment at a Bali Hospital

Dateline: Sun Night 5/6 @ around 730pm Bali

From a Balinese Hospital a call comes in from a Muslim woman seeking Prayer for her Hindu husband dying with 4th Stage Cancer

My wife Nurita, Baby Prophet Jeremiah and myself had just come back home from the mall where we had taken some dinner and a text came in from the Muslim lady whose husband is a Balinese Hindu Police officer who has been battling 4th Stage Lung Cancer that I have mentioned on air that we were hoping for the opportunity to pray for him but to date it had not realized.

The man’s wife texts Nurita and gives us an update that her husband was in the local hospital and asked if we might have time to come over and pray.

She told us that he had been placed on a full oxygen mask upgraded from breathing tubes and might be scheduled for emergency surgery the same night.

The family to date has followed all the advice of their doctor in treating the cancer which included several trips to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia which is a 3 hour flight to undergoe chemotherapy and after nearly 1 Billion IDR which is about $75,000 USD nothing was working and his situation was worsening.

The family were now desperate and even His doctor had apparently given up and was nowhere to found and could not be reaches apparently away in Jakarta and so with no other option they had admitted him back to the hospital where he had been for the last 6 days battling to stay alive.

I knew immediately that we were in a race for time and we were not to go tomorrow but today and pray for this man as where he would spend eternity was hanging in the balance and the death angels had already been dispatched on the ready to take his soul to a place of torment if he were to die

BUT GOD!   Had another plan and we prayed asking God to spare his life and give us the opportunity to get in and lay hands on him and believe for his healing and salvation before it was to late and he was gone forever.

I told Nurita to text his wife back that we were on our way and then Nurita told me she would call our local friend Ketut to join us and help us with Baby Jeremiah as we prayed tonight for this man facing eternity.

Ketut is our first fruit from our adventure here in Bali.

A woman who was a Balinese Hindu god worshipper her whole life working at a local Hotel where we stayed for two months when we came to bali.

One of her duties being to offer daily sacrifices to the 20 resident demons who lived in the statues on the grounds of the hotel.

By loving on this lady unconditionally and becoming her friend we prayed for her and invited her to our house to visit us and one day she accepted an invitation to go with Nurita to church and it is there that she said she felt a breeze hit her while sitting in the service which I know was the Holy Spirit who touched her and she began to cry in the service.  Not long after this event she would receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and allow us to minister deliverance to her wherein many demons came out of the woman by the Power of God in Jesus Name.

She was then water baptized, began to attend Bible Studies for new converts to Christ and is now an active member of the same local Christian church fellowship here in Bali where she and my wife Nurita go on Sundays.

Back to our story from last night.

Ketut arrives and Nurita said she wanted to have a quick bite to eat before we left for the hospital and so they sat down to eat a rice and chicken dish and I began to make some calls for counsel on how to proceed.

I decided to call and get some counsel as to how best to approach this and I was able to dial up the General, Dr Erica Shepherd,  and she gave me several scriptures in John and also Isaiah 28:18 where we are to ‘Disannull”  the covenant with death

And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.”

Dr Erica said we should go in and break death off of him by disannulling that covenant of death and command healing and Life into him in Jesus Christ Name.  Regarding his cancer Dr Erica instructed me to command the cancer to die in Jesus Name.

She then said she would go into immediate prayer mode and would be praying until I texted her back.  I praise God for Dr Erica Shepherd and the Ted Line www.tedline.com

I also reached out to pastor Jozef Jasinski at Promised Land Ministries www.jesusdelivers.com who himself was preparing to preach a funeral service in the next hour or so and he agreed with me in prayer for the man’s healing and told me to “Stand in the Gap”, remit the man’s sins, break the curse of death and command healing in Jesus Name. He also told me to ask the man “Would you like your sins to be forgiven by God forever?”..”Thru the Name of Jesus your sins can be forgive..would you like that?” – We closed the call by him agreeing in prayer for the man’s healing.

Next I reached out to Prophet Scott Lathrop who called me back on Facetime from Siberia where he is on a mission for the Lord Jesus and had him agree with me in Jesus Name for the man’s healing.

I have prayed for many people by phone and via skype but this would be my first time going in on a emergency mission like this with a man whose language I did not speak with 4th stage cancer and believe God for his miraculous healing when others had all but given up on him


When a Man’s life hangs in the balance and the Devil is 99% sure he is about to snatch the soul of a man you can expect a fight when you stand in the gap.

To prepare for war I came in agreement with Nurita and we began to go into a spiritual warfare offensive for this man and Bind all demonic forces that would seek to thwart this time of prayer for this man and loose the Angels of God in Jesus Name to go before us and attack the devils that would try to stop this mission of mercy.

The ladies have eaten, baby is all ready to go andI told Nurita to call the Grab Taxi which is a Indonesia equivalent of UBER and order up the ride to the local Bali hospital as time was of the essence.

It was at this time instead of a smooth taxi ride all hell broke loose!

 First the taxi driver was unsure of how to find us even though the smartphones that all the drivers use have a GPS app built into their system and so I listened as Nurita had to navigate him over to our house. What other delays would their be?

Nurita then receives a text that the man we are to pray for may have to be rushed into emergency surgery and when we arrive are to go to the emergency room.

I knew the devil was fit to be tied and would kill the man if he had his way so we prayed again and I told nurita the TIME IS NOW! We must get to the hospital and pray for this man before we miss out opportunity and he goes into eternity to face a living hell for all time.

We rushed out of the house and get into the taxi and as I settle into the car seat to prepare for this hospital visit the devils strike!

All of us in the car now, me – Nurita – Ketut and the baby prophet Jeremiah when the driver begins to back out and all of a sudden I feel a thud and instantly knew what had just happened!

To my horror we back right into the sewage ditch which is a cement ditch about 2 foot deep that sits like a moat in front of the house.

The taxi driver had does not pay attention and backs right and the tire and axel drop down into it and we aren’t anywhere unless we can somehow can lift the car out of the ditch

If the devils had their way we would not be going in this taxi to the hospital. I get out of the car to assess the damage and because this had happened one time before I have made it a HABIT of warning all taxi drivers we use to look out for the ditch so they don’t end up in the hole and this time I had failed to alert him and into the hole we went!  The only way we were going anywhere now was if we could lift this 1000 pound car up high enough to gain traction and pull out of the hole.

Ketut and I and the driver try to get the car to budge by pushing on it but with a rear wheel drive car nothing is happening.

Nurita and baby prophet Jeremiah get out of the vehicle and walk across to the neighbors house and are calling out for someone to help us and all of a sudden I smell a strong odor of dog dookie aka crap.

I think it is coming from the ditch where Ketut asks me to step down into and I step back for a moment and right into a large pile of dog doo doo and this had to have been left by a monster of a dog because I lift up my foot and I have a mountain of poop caked to my right shoe.  It’s all she wrote for my shoes and all this while my phone is ringing.


Praise GOD!  Nurita is successful in getting our neighbors attention and with everyone living behind iron gates you have to call and keep calling out for a person to open their door and hope they hear you and at this late hour and so our neighbors finally open the door and nurita explains the dilemma we are in and ask for their help

To the rescue the neighbor who is a Indonesian man and a officer in the local army here steps into the ditch and with the aid of me and Ketut hefts the car up and out of the hole.

With my chicken arms and almost no muscle I don’t think I helped very much so I can only conclude that this man must be a champion bench presser and/or God helped us! As I didn’t think he would have been able to harness the strength he did when the car comes up out of the ditch and we are back on solid ground.. Praise the LORD JESUS!

All that remains is for me to change my shoes and I went back to the house and thank GOD! For the extra pair of tennis shoes I brought to this country and in no time we are all in the car and off to the hospital


We arrive and catch a elevator and arrive at the door and I tell Nurita to knock and let them know we have arrived and a lady answers the door which is his wife and greets us and I see the sad look on her face of hopelessness as she faces an uncertainty of whether her husband will die or whether he will live.

We are then beckoned to come over to the bedside to meet her husband and laying on the hospital bed is a Balinese Man of about 50 wearing a oxygen mask and standing at his bedside is his 23 yr old son.

They have the man hooked to an IV with a anti-nausea drug and we are informed he hasn’t eaten for days and has been drinking only some milk but has had no appetite

He has his eyes closed and head laying back on the pillow and we introduce ourselves and let him know we are here to pray.


Nurita begins to pray and the man opens his eyes and I am looking into the eyes of a man who looks panicked and desperate and I know withstanding God touching this man he probably doesn’t have long to live.  His eyes are one of a man crying “Someone help me” and of a man in the prime of his life who has tried all to stay alive including chemotherapy, multiple trips for cancer treatments in Malaysia, rituals from his hindu family and treatments by a Shaman who his wife has visited on 7 occasions for help.

Nurita then tells me to pray and I put my hand on his hand and grasp it and began to pray and intercede and ask God for mercy for the man.  I remit his sins, rebuke all spirits of death and infirmity and cancer and command them to loose him in Jesus Name and command in the NAME OF JESUS for him to be healed.

We pray for a while going back and forth and then we take a pause and she goes for the anointing oil she had brought in her purse so we can anoint him and continue prayer.

I tell Nurita to read to him Romans 10:9-12 and also John 3:16 and ask him if he would like Jesus to forgive him of all of his sins. He nods and says something I can’t hear under the oxygen mask he is wearing but with the nod from him to Nurita leads him in a prayer that he prays asking Jesus to forgive him of his sins, confessing Jesus Christ as LORD and inviting him into his heart.

As Nurita continues to pray, I notice the tone of her voice getting louder and louder and then she begins to cry and travail begging God for mercy for him while at the same time I see tears wail up in the man’s eyes and I witness him crying as the Holy Spirit begins to operate on His Heart.

He grabs Nurita’s hand and squeezes it and it’s all I can do to keep from crying when she asks me to pray.

I ask for the mercy of God and then proceed into breaking blood line curses, breaking all word curses and witchcraft sent against him and command every unclean spirit to loose him and go!  and ask  God to pour out his goodness and mercy and grace on the man laying thereon this hospital bed with no hope unless Jesus shows up.


I know at this point that whatever happens next this man has just had his name penned in the Lamb’s Book of Life and I feel a sigh of relief in my heart that this man has just escaped hell and been plucked out of the clutches of the devil but our work is not over.  We are believing God to heal him of 4th stage cancer.

Our King Jesus is not only mankind’s Savior but He is also a Deliverer and Healer and so we prepare to keep fighting for this man’s life that He would be saved from a premature death.

It’s now time to call in the Artillery and I grab my iphone and dialup Dr Erica Shepherd back in the States who I want to have pray for the man.  Rejoicing at this Divine Appointment I put her on the speakerphone and all the way from South Carolina he begins to pray for this Balinese Man. Dr Erica disannulls the covenant of death and commands the man to be healed in Jesus name.

I hear her command death and cancer to GO! In Jesus Name and she stands in the gap for the man she never met but whom God desired to save on the other side of the world.

Dr Erica then says to all of us that the sign that God is healing this man is that the man will ask for something to eat and they are to feed him and we ask his wife if he has eaten and she replies “Only Milk” and he has had no appetite.

Nurita reminds me we brought some grape juice and crackers for communion and so with the permission of his wife and with a nod of his agreement we break out the bottle of grape juice and a small piece of saltine cracker and after blessing it and an explanation of what it represents he opens his mouth and eats the cracker and with the help of his wife is able to sip the juice from a cup with a straw and we have total cooperation of this man to continue praying.

Next I go into the waiting area and ask Ketut to join me while Nurita tends to Baby Jeremiah and this time when we pray he grabs my hand and I experience a grip which is very strong and I realize this man has a will and desire to live.

Later Nurita asks if her friend “Auntie Anna” in Jakarta who is an Indonesian deliverance minister can pray and with the family and agreeing she dials her up and anna begins to pray for this man in Bahasa.

We are ALL IN on this Divine Intervention and call some other saints to join us in prayer.

Next I call for Prophet Scott Lathrop who is at that very moment in Siberia and using facetime the prophet prays for him until the connection fragments and we lose Bro Scott.

The prayer does not stop there…I continue to activate the men and women of God to stand in the Gap and my grandfather, Age 86, from atlanta pray and 90.5 year old uncle johnny come to mind and I call them too.

Grandad Webber prays first in his deep southern draw accent for the man and then I ask for Uncle Johnny’s number from grandad who tells me he is probably not in and to my excitement I dial Johnny and he picks up.


“Just the man I am looking for! This is your great nephew Shannon.” Uncle Johnny asks me why we had not done any shows for the last two weeks and said he is ready to preach and I apologize to him and agree to lock him in for Thurs at 6pm-7pm EST as he wants to continue to work for the LORD.

When I put Uncle Johnny on and he begins to pray he breaks out in Tongues and commands the man to be healed in Jesus Name and then delivers a Word of Prophecy “Thus saith the LORD God Believe and you shall be healed”

I get chills right now thinking about that Word and all I experienced last night as my friends around the world went to battle for this man who they had never met laying in a hospital room given up for dead by his doctors who were nowhere to be found and watching the show of love pour out on him.

As our time drew to an end we told the man that Jesus loves him and loves everyone whether they be hindu or muslim or Christian or Buddhist and for him to now Thank Jesus for his healing and he said “Amen, Amen, Thank You Jesus”

We also prayed briefly with his wife who had tears in her eyes and the young son and promised to return and the man was so grateful that total strangers from around the world had just bless him and cared about him and had done it for free

[Nurita told me that every time they visited a shaman there was a charge]

We told the man we would be back to pray again and said our farewell and left the room and headed to the lobby to wait for our taxi. Sitting in the lobby I observed a small hindu altar with a incense offering on it and a idol that looked like a Angry Bird with large talons and eyes which Ketut, the former hindu, had told me was the “King of all Birds” – a idol the hindus worship.



This morning as I write this testimony the man’s wife texted to say that for the first time in a while he is sitting up and even got up and stood up and ate some solid food and watched tv and the breathing mask has been downgraded to tubes and he is feeling good!

He was heard saying  “JESUS CHRIST IS AWESOME!”.

God has touched this man and I believe he will be totally healed and he and his wife and son and daughter will all come to Christ and be in Church in the very near future.

Let me recap about this family. The husband is Hindu, the wife is Muslim and the daughter doesn’t want to be either and said recently she would like to be a Christian. What a household!

I called our local friend Pastor Chandra who was introduced to me by pastor Jozef jasinski and he will be joining us probably later tonight as we go back for a follow up visit to pray again and present him with a large print Bible in Bahasa.

We will continue to update you on his progress and I want to thank all of you who have prayed and ask you to continue to pray and intercede for this family and we praise God and His Son and our Savior the LORD JESUS CHRIST for touching this man’s life.

Special thanks to Dr Erica Shepherd of www.tedline.com, Pastor Jozef Jasinski of www.jesusdelivers.com, Prophet Scott and Jen Lathrop of www.soulbait.org, my grandfather Bishop Bryan Webber, Bishop Great Uncle Johnny Webber (Age 91), Minister Auntie Anna in Jakarta and all of you who have and are praying.



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