Destroying Accursed Objects and Breaking Witchcraft in Jesus Christ Name

Tonight Nurita and I took a taxi back to the house after attending to some appointments we had and along the way Nurita asked the driver what religion he was and he replied “Christian”

We rejoiced we had met another christian here on the island of Bali aka “The island of the gods” and she told him we were christians and I told her to ask him if his church did deliverance.

She ended up telling him we were involved in deliverance and he perked up and when we arrived at the house he requested prayer and had some questions concerning a talisman he was carrying around in his wallet.

I asked him to show me what he had and he pulled out from his wallet a piece of tissue with a small rectangular piece of wood which he said had special characteristics and would sink when dropped in water and would not float.

Turns out that a Hindu Shaman had told him if he would carry it that it would give him good luck and success as a taxi driver.

We explained that it did the opposite and in fact opened him up to curses from having an accursed object in his possession and opened him up to demons

We told him the solution was to literally burn the objects, repent and ask Jesus to forgive him and we would do some deliverance and break the curses and command the demons to come out 9in Jesus Christ Name.

The story doesn’t end there and gets more interesting..

Who would like to hear the rest and also see some videos and photos?





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