Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. Psalms 20:7

The roadmap

In 2006 God began to tell me there was a word He wanted me to speak and planted a seed in me to prepare to do a internet radio show. A few years later in 2010, while living in Costa Rica, God one day told me to pack my bags and come back to America.

Phase 1

It was a few months later in the summer of 2010 that OMEGAMAN RADIO was launched and now 8 years later we have aired over 5,700 shows and continue to produce around 100 new broadcasts per month.

OMEGAMAN RADIO has been tasked by God to Speak His Word, Preach the Gospel to win souls for Jesus Christ, cast out devils and minister healing to the sick that they will recover in Jesus Christ Name.

We are also a battlefield hospital to minister to those who make it to the broadcast and we minister deliverance and healing in Jesus Name that they can be healed and delivered and continue in the battle.

God is opening many doors and providing Divine Connections to connect us with men and women whom He has raised up for end time ministry to come on the show and train and equip the saints and preach the Gospel to win souls.

Phase 2

In 2017 we launched phase 2 of the ministry which was to produce a Magazine which would become a print version of our radio shows and now I am glad to report we are producing Full Color Digital Magazines with a recent issue that topped out at 300 pages!

Phase 3

God also spoke to me in 2006 and told me that as He blessed me I was to create a Humanitarian Aid Organization.We would help Israel, the orphans, the widows and those in disaster so that they would not go hungry, thirsty or die of heat stroke.

I have received this mandate from YAHOVAH GOD and to accomplish this mission I have asked God to supply us with the necessary logistics. I am believing Him for a Hercules C-130 Aircraft, a Warehouse, and a Truck for transporting of supplies and Bibles to the target areas.

If this Vision and Word be from God He will bring it to pass and so I am asking everyone reading this to agree with me that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Pray about your part in this ministry and if God puts it on your heart to join with me you give by pressing the DONATE button located at the top of website.