In 2004 Mr Shannon Davis punched out of America and would spend several years abroad living in Costa Rica, Cartagena Colombia and Panama running a successful internet herbal supplements business before returning in 2007 in America to experience the Housing Bubble Crash.

In 2009 he returned to Costa Rica and while there he prayed a prayer asking God to use what time he had left and turn him into a weapon to deal a death blow to the forces of darkness and give the devil two black eyes.

A short time later God told him to pack his bags and return to America and put it into his heart to start a internet radio network that would focus on Full Gospel Mark 16 Ministry with an emphasis on training people in spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry.

On June 22, 2010 Omega Man Radio launched and six years later Omega Man Radio has produced over 3,700 shows and continues to produce 75-100 LIVE shows per month preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping people in spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance ministry by bringing on various guests from around the world to teach and preach.

Mr Shannon Davis worked 6.5 years for the US Army as a GS Civil Servant, has a background in internet marketing and tv and radio advertising and now is involved in full time ministry as a Deliverance Minister and Exorcist.

Omega Man Radio is well known for opening telephone lines and taking calls from around the world and taking people thru deliverance – the casting out of devils in Jesus Christ Name.