Special Announcement from Shannon Davis 10-17-2016


On June 22, 2010 at midnight I launched Omega Man Radio and six years later we have produced over 3,825 LIVE Full Gospel Radio broadcasts to date by the Grace of God.

I boast in the LORD that there is no other internet radio broadcast in the world where you will find 75-100 New shows each month and you can tune in Mon-Fri and listen for free to 4 LIVE shows a day monday-friday and some times as many as six shows back to back.

Omega Man Radio is not a news show, it is not a hobby internet radio broadcast, we do not broadcast 1x a week or even 1x a day but run a Full marathon Nightly every day Mon-Fri bringing Mark 16 Ministry to the airwaves.

We preach the Gospel to win souls and train and equip people to make a stand for Jesus and to win battles in these the end times before the return of Jesus Christ.

The show is free to listen to and free to download and has always been. I believe I have obeyed the LORD in continuing to broadcast this show night after night and we have went further than anyone every believed we would.

As we enter November the future of America will be decided as well as the future of the Omega Man Radio Network. America hangs in the balance and depending on who you vote for we will see a reprieve for America or it will be the fast track for it’s final destruction.

We can have reprieve in America with Trump or if Hillary wins the Globalists will move in for final takeover of America and Rev 18:4 is not far off where in one hour America will be burned. See Rev 18:4, Zech 14, Jeremiah 50 and 51.

The Future of Omega Man Radio will also be decided as I am planning my last show to be Oct 31, 2016 unless there are enough people to stand up for the broadcast and vote to keep it alive by coming onboard as a monthly sponsor.

If you appreciate the contribution this broadcast has made and would like to see it continue then you need to take a stand and come onboard with me and sign up as a regular monthly partner.

I am looking for 100 or more people to pledge $100/mo to fund this broadcast and keep it on the air.

To grow it we need to generate more revenue than that but I estimate that is a minimum to keep it alive.

20% of what comes in I pay out in tithes and offerings to the LORD and 30% of the gross I am liable to pay taxes on as I am not a 501-C3. that leaves me with less than 50% to operate on and I can tell you I am living by faith on a week to week basis.

I have invested all I have in time and resources to keep it on the air and I know that Hundreds of thousands, maybe million have and presently tune into the show .

Many regularly listen or download the shows but never support the broadcast but because of a faithful few we have survived and been able to continue these programs

I remember when Omega Man Radio was #1 in the world on Blog Talk Radio across all shows and all categories and we maintained this position for over 6 weeks packing out the chatrooms when I had some notable guests on and the following day we might get $25-$50 in contributions total and the next night when we moved from doing a show about end times to preaching the Gospel or Deliverance Ministry we would have 25 people in the chatroom and it was that small core that I would see night after night in the chatroom and they were the faithful few to tune in and also support the show.

If it were not for a faithful few Omega Man Radio would not have survived this long and would have faded away. I thank those of you who have supported over the years to get us this far and you have fruit from everyone of the 3,825 shows we produced and may the LORD richly bless you for standing with me.

There are many though that tune in and have never sent in $1 to support the program and/or thought someone else would foot the bill to keep the show on the air so they chose and choose now to do nothing.

If you do not vote in the election and make a stand for trump I will tell you that America is Gone and there will be no coming back from the descent into darkness it will go into before Rev 18:4 and the final destruction of America takes place.

If you do not support Omega Man Radio it could be gone and the transmission stop and go dark.

God has not called me to be a beggar and so i will not beg but I am telling you what we need to continue both as a show and a country and the vote is in your hands now.

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